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HMG Supply Chain Operating System (SCOS) is an important tool and means between suppliers, manufacturers, customs and all its subsidiaries for business processing and information exchange.
Not only meet the customs regulatory requirement for bonded goods from inbound, outbound, store, return,to exchange and duty-paid, but also to meet the management requirements of personalized
logistics for different suppliers and manufacturers, such as spare parts bonded warehouse, storage, package, distribution, return and recycle.

HMG Supply Chain takes IT as a "strategic tool for business development" and through developing the leading technology platform of industry standards to provide their customers unique and competitive logistics service from their opponents. The close integration of customer supply chain and HMG IT
systems makes information management as the same important as real goods management. With the
use of IT tools, HMG Supply Chain can create for themselves with value-added business opportunities, such as logistics data sharing.

The integrated IT solution of HMG Supply Chain can provide the following aspects of services:

• Achieve integration of network data through EDI & XML
• Provide data visualization service for logistics operation
• Support data communications for multi-form, multi-format and multi-media
• Support real-time tracking and monitoring of warehouse operations and cargo movement for Customs
• Generate alert reports for unusual circumstance appeared and directly feed it back to customers;
• Support the expansion of system functions and the development of customer-tailored projects, etc.